Birds N Bones Jewelry

Consider our pieces to be the special elements in your jewelry arsenal. The ones you wear to feel powerful, to feel strong, to feel magical, to feel mystical. Each design was chosen and created by us because we felt an affinity for the animal, and then went the next step further to fabricate/manipulate it to work with the human form. Our pieces aren’t just for adornment, they are created to fit seamlessly into your life be it at work, getting coffee, making art, traveling, or even casting spells. We are influenced by the darker side of the life cycle, geology, gemology, astrology, mythology (lots of ologies), botany, alchemy, and Mother Nature herself. Each piece is handcrafted in our studios, Zoe’s in Portland Oregon and Ashley’s in Brooklyn New York.

Put down the crappy jewelry. Stop wearing pieces that don’t matter to you. Start sourcing items that speak to who you are. Consider what you adorn yourself with. These changes signify an awareness and authority in yourself and elevate your personal aesthetic. Let our pieces declare for you.