Redefining Darkness E-book by Alaric Cabiling


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While not quite a radical departure from his debut, Alaric Cabiling's Redefining Darkness is a break from the mold of his debut collection, Insanity By IncrementsRedefining Darkness presents more contemporary settings with language and style far more persuasive and exciting than any work of fiction Cabiling has ever done.  Plots are now central to the stories.  The characters find themselves embroiled in complex situations, invoking more convincing dialogue, bleaker terrain. Witness the dark landscape of the world you once knew, redefined.


A scandal besets a parish community.  A forensic pathologist desperately aims to dissect a troubled past.  An incorrigible womanizer confronts his own staggering self-image.  A successful businessman thwarts the plans of a scheming half-brother.  Nevermore has the chess match short story been as adequately represented than in these stories and more.

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