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Sturdy 100% Genuine Black Leather band with the center segment slit into thin pieces and a buckle/strap connection with belt loop and nickel buckle w/roller. a chill mid-range fashion move, sleek with no studs, gives the appearance of wearing a bunch of thin leather pieces

Simply measure your wrist & proceed with your size choice using the following sizing choice key:

X-SMALL: 5.75''-6'' wrist
SMALL: 6.25"-6.5'' wrist
SMALL/MED: 6.5"-6.75'' wrist
MED: 7"-7.25'' wrist
MED/LARGE: 7.5''-8'' wrist
LARGE:8.25''-8.5'' wrist
LARGE/X-LARGE: 8.5"-8.75'' wrist

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