Grey Widow - II cassette

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"If you think you know what pitch-black misery sounds like, Grey Widow will teach you otherwise. Their cannily titled second full-lenght, 'II', is a roiling mass of brutish anger and sneering contempt. 'XI' sucks you down into a mire of buzzing feedback before dropping into a doomy crawl that sees them locked in coffin-lid tight. 'XII' stutters through relentless chugs and sick, crawling, predatory grooves, whilst 'XIII' broods with a suffocating weight of thick, face-ripping riff. 'XIV' is blistering, speaker-rending sludge intensity slowly climbing upwards, drenched in wretched vocals, gradually fading out to feedback. For a time where 'heavy' is reinvented week by week, 'II' contains some of the heaviest, bleakest riffs you'll hear this year."

- Jay Hampshire - Terrorizer Magazine

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