Acid Queen Jewelry
Handmade jewelry inspired by the occult, mysticism and the universe.
Actual Pain
Actual Pain is a fiercely independent clothing brand from Seattle, Washington USA. Formed in 2006 by TJ Cowgill (aka King Dude), the brand has spread its influence to all corners of the world. Lucis Feris, Ad Infinitum.
AHUIXA Swimwear
A new line of alternative swimwear based in Los Angeles. Created for and by women that don't fit into the female archetypes created by the swimwear industry.
Alaric Cabiling
Originally from Baltimore, MD, a Filipino national, Cabiling is an avid fan of short fiction and has lived in Richmond, Va. for the past 13 years. A depression patient, Cabiling has sought to shed light on the devastating effects of the condition and the relative lack of understanding that complicates relationships between loved ones and patients suffering from the illness. His 2009 collection of poetry, The Darkest Day, published by Praenomen Press of Richmond, Va. in limited quantities, chronicles his own experiences with depression and is a bright example of how the arts can provide therapeutic value during the recovery period. His most recent work, Insanity By Increments, showcases this in rich detail, featuring characters and scenes that depict melancholy moods in shades of distress.
Alexandria Noel
Alexandria Noël is an artist and illustrator based out of the misty coastlines and dense forests of New England. She has been releasing hand screen-printed art prints, apparel, and accessories out of her own studio since 2012, creating and releasing merchandise through her personal brand. Alexandria Noël is a one-woman operation that greatly enjoys the entire creative process from initial concept, to production and final product packaging. She offers other like-minded fans and customers with a place to find alternative and darker themed items with a solid foundation in nature, myth, and the macabre.
Dark cloaked figures and bleak ominous landscapes are central to the ethereal works of Daniel Vazquez, also know as American Ghoul. Vazquez creates manipulations and staged photography that touch on dark symbolism, death, and occult ritual. A keen eye for composition and symbolism give Vazquez's work a thrilling dark air. The American Ghoul might be a photographer hailing from the California Bay area, but his camera tells a different story—one seeped in supernatural lore and mythology that makes a vibrant, if haunted, living on the social media platform of Instagram- Dirge Magazine
An Out Recordings
An Out Recordings is an ANTI-FA, anarchist, queer, feminist and anti-racist black metal, doom, drone, noise label. All releases are DIY, assembled ethically with vegan inks and glue. Some are sewn, screenprinted, letterpressed, etc.
Argento Records
Based out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Argento Records was founded by Michael Bertoldini (The Secret) and Clio Leeuwenburgh (Headspin Records). The label unleashed its first release, GRIME's 'Circle of Molesters' in the fall of 2015 and will continue to leave auditory destruction in its wake WITH ATRAMENT 'ETERNAL DOWNFALL' AND VERWOED 'BODEMLOOS'.
esoteric t-shirts, silkscreen, hand printed in Barcelona