Coagulated Blood Gel

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Coagulated blood gel.
Perfect for special make up effects such as cuts, scrapes, gashes, scabs, gaping wounds, etc...
Use our flowing blood, "Bad Blood", over the top to wet it down for a bloody, fresh wound effect.

The details...
Color of this batch: mid tone red.
4 ounces in a cosmetic grade plastic jar.
Fully removable with soap and water.

Works GREAT on silicone - DOES NOT BEAD.

Bad Blood was originally formulated for use in film, television, theater, haunted houses and Halloween costuming.

Handcrafted and bottled for Inconvenient Oddities by Cutthroat Studio, Bad Blood has also found it's place on the shelves of many an oddity/curiosity collector and shoppe owner.

Custom colors and quantities are available by special order and made to order - blood is hand mixed to meet your requests and requirements.
All stages covered: flowing blood, coagulated blood gel, dried blood and mouth safe/food grade blood.
For custom orders, please inquire within.

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