TJÄRN iron bowl | two shapes

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Tjärn — dark pool or lake in the depths of the forest

Hand forged, heavily textured iron bowl | Decorative, minimal ornament for your home | May also be used to hold small items or jewelry, as a tealight holder or for ritual and cermonial purpose | Please put sand at the bottom if placing glowing objects inside the bowl | Uniquely created, no two pieces are ever exactly the same | Available in round or asymmetrical wavy shape, please write your desired choice in the checkout notes

Ships within one week from Sweden

Content & Care

Iron infused with burnt linseed oil | Handwash gently

Approximate measurements

Height 3-3,5 cm | Diameter 12 cm

IRON, a core element of the earth, considered highly protective and anchoring | Iron is connected to courage, strength, resilience and to reject malevolent energies

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