Maiden, Mother, Crone

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etched copper cuff depitcing the life cycle of a woman the maiden , the mother, and the crone

The Maiden is seen as the virginal young woman, or girl, who has not yet awakened. She is associated with the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, as the moon grows from dark to full.


The Mother is the next phase in a woman's life. She is fertility and fecundity, abundance and growth, the gaining of knowledge. She is fulfillment -- sexual, social, and emotional -- and she is represented by the full moon. Springtime and early summer are her domain; as the earth becomes green and fertile, so does the Mother. A woman does not have to have biological children to embrace the role of Mother.


Finally, the Crone aspect is the final stage. She is the hag and the wise woman, the darkness of night, and eventually death. She is the waning moon, the chill of winter, the dying of the earth.

please be aware we create wearable pieces of art and should be treated as such, with that in mind please don't soak your piece in water or any type of solvent ie: finger nail polish remover as it will remove the protective coating



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