TEKTITE & IRON necklace

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Handforged, wrought iron necklace. Adorned with raw tektite, wrapped in black linen. Adjustable vegan neck strap.

Each piece is made to order and will vary slightly. No two pieces are ever exactly the same.

Ships within one week from Sweden.

TEKTITE appear, occasionally, when meteorites strikes the Earth. Made out of the rock material targeted by the asteroid, with its natural characteristics, and shaped by the atmosphere and by their spin into aerodynamic forms. Not everything about how they form is fully understood. Hundreds of asteroid impacts are recorded, but only five, widely separated, tektite locations. What allows tektite to form only once in a great while is one of the questions yet to be fully answered. They remain as rare mysterious objects formed by cosmic forces, symbolizing survival and elemental vigor. Facilitates mediumship and astral travel, reducing your vulnerability and promoting occult senses.

IRON, a core element of the earth, considered highly protective and anchoring. Iron is connected to courage, strength, resilience and to reject malevolent energies.

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