ABSTRACTER | Cinereous Incarnate - Ltd. Cassette Tape

Super limited DIY tapes: come with dual-color side imprint (black on black for side A, and silver metallic for side B), and are housed inside a custom-made and hand-assembled fold-out digipack-like heavy cardstock case printed with spot UV gloss graphics inside and out and with black flood inside the tape pocket. Contains a download card and lyric/credit card printed with pantone metallic silver ink, and is held together by a banderole with spot UV gloss.

Perhaps now assuming their ultimate and ghastliest form, Abstracter return with their most astonishingly telluric, bleak, and hopeless album to date. On their third and brand new LP “Cinereus Incarnate” the Oakland CA blackened doom destroyers unravel a blood-curdling sonic tale about a wretched world cursed to eternal twilight where reality is torn to pieces and existence is reduced to the final stages of survival. Taking form through a deluge of suffocating distortion and dismal atmospheres that defies any categorization, Abstracter have created an hallucinatory and apocalyptic work that oozes with an immanent and oppressive sense of defeat and of unravelling hope, fusing together crust, black, doom, death metal, and cancerous strains of noise, drone, and dark ambient to summon a soul-crushing sonic cataclysm of utter misery and despair.

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