EARTHSHIP - Withered / VINYL LP (Beige - Turquoise vinyl)

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Pelagic Recs. distributed release / Germany import

Limited edition of 250 copies on translucid beige / turquoise vinyl.
Gatefold sleeve.

Berlin’s EARTHSHIP are back with their third album, Withered, released via Pelagic Records in September.

With this album, EARTHSHIP have matured even more towards their own idiosyncratic take on contemporary metal, sludge and stoner rock. There is the occasional hint at an old school Swedish death metal vibe, but it never takes long until those moments find their release in those beautiful, warm, heavy stoner riffs.What sets this album apart, is a plethora of great musical ideas. In fact, Withered could almost be a “best of” collection of riffs; riffs taller than the mountains, backed by lyrics deeper than the sea.

Withered also sees the introduction of more melodic vocals, such as in the monumental track Serpent Cult, or the clearly Sabbath-influenced opening riff of Dead Faint. Singer, guitarist and producer Jan Oberg has given the record a rich, massive and clear production that more than does justice to the songs.

Christian Brix is responsible for the amazing hand-drawn artwork of Withered: the vinyl version comes in a gatefold cover, half/half colour-split transparent turquoise and transparent beige wax. Comes with download code.

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