Vendor F.A.Q.s

I'm an existing vendor and I'm having issues with my account.

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How does the CVLT Nation Bizarre marketplace work?

The CVLT Nation Bizarre marketplace allows independent and underground vendors from all over the world to list their products alongside like-minded creators. Our customers come to us to support the underground and to find creators and products that share their ethos and aesthetic. All our vendors are carefully screened for reliability and compatibility with our vision. A customer places an order, and vendors are responsible for shipping that order direct to the customer in compliance with our shipping policy. Vendors are paid out immediately upon receiving the order. Vendors are responsible for providing their own customer service in compliance with our customer service policy.

What is the CVLT Nation Bizarre looking for in terms of vendors?

We carefully hand-select most of our vendors, but we also welcome outside applicants. Since we are a curated marketplace, we are looking for creators who meet the following qualifications in addition to fitting our customer's expectations:

- Original designs/products with a dark aesthetic or underground spin
- Items that are photographed well on a white background
- Vendors with 5 or more pieces to list

Where do I apply to be a vendor?

Apply to be a vendor here.

How long does it take to be approved as a vendor?

Application processing can take 2-7 business days. If we think your products are a good fit for our customer, you’ll receive an email from us with your account approval and information about how to start listing on the CVLT Nation Bizarre.

Are there listing fees, and how long can I list my products?

There are no listing fees on the CVLT Nation Bizarre, and you can list an unlimited number of products. You can keep your products up as long as you like, there is no listing renewal period.

Does the CVLT Nation Bizarre take a commission on sales?

Yes, we take a commission on every sale – only on the sale price of the products, not on the shipping charges. The rate varies according to the type of products you sell. Our commission is far less than a retail markup, so selling through the CVLT Nation Bizarre leaves you with a much higher profit than selling your goods wholesale.

How will I be paid for my sales?

When a customer buys one of your products, you are paid out immediately. We use Paypal Adaptive for Paypal sales, and Stripe Connect for credit/debit card sales. Depending on the type of checkout, you will be paid to either your Paypal account or your Stripe account.

What is your shipping policy?

Ready-made goods are expected to ship to the customer within 5 business days of receiving the order notification. Vendors are expected to post the shipping status and any applicable tracking numbers to the order in their Vendor Dashboard.

Custom-made goods ship according to the timeline that the vendor specifies in the product description. Timely communication with the customer is expected so that they are informed of the progress of their order.

How does shipping work for my products?

At checkout, the customer will be given shipping options for each vendor they are purchasing from. When you are setting up your Vendor Account after approval, you will be able to set up custom shipping methods. For our US and Canada-based vendors, we are able to offer automatically calculated shipping rates through USPS and Canada Post. If you are based elsewhere, or North America-based but prefer to use your own rates, you can set up your own custom methods. Your introductory email will outline instructions for setting up shipping.

Will you promote my brand once I join the CVLT Nation Bizarre?

We have several venues that we use to promote vendors and products on the CVLT Nation Bizarre. Once you have products listed on the Bizarre, we will begin to promote your products via our social media channels and our blog at

Still have questions? Email us at