Vittra - is an essence from the nordic mythology, a people living in the underworld, counted to those who are called "the invisible".

Vittra Atelier is a line of accessories fusing together contemporary aesthetics and ancient artisanal methods. Minimalistic clean-cut designs, possessing subtle intricate details, in rigorously selected materials and achromatic shades are at the core of the collections, as are meticulous craftmanship, in stillness by the fir trees. Brought by age-old techniques and intuitional exploration and manipulation, taking textural references from inner and outer worlds, the depths and shadows of the soul and of nature, using the raw intrinsic matter and particles of sentiments as creative sources in the assembly of each piece, guided by the desire to give shape to singular states of mind.

All work is imagined and assembled in a mountain atelier in Åre, northern Sweden, with the nordic, evocatice ambiance from which the line originates constantly present.

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