Vittra, a name with several meanings in swedish. One of them is to wither, to slowly crumble, another is an essence from the nordic mythology. The understanding of Vittra as a people living in the underworld, or rather in parallel with the people and in their vicinity. They are counted to those who are called "the invisible".

Vittra Atelier is based amongst the fir trees on a mountain in Åre, Sweden. Designed and hand crafted in stillness by the mountains of the north, each piece is brought by intuitive exploration and manipulation of textures and shapes from inner and outer worlds. In reverence of the shadows of the soul and the spirits of nature, and with devotion to keep my craft sustainable, cruelty free and vegan, methods and materials aim to mirror my ethics and philosophy. Immemorial, graceful linen gather with hand forged wrought iron in an intricate union reminiscent of the dual nature in forms of existence. Possessing an entrance to a beyond realm, to the unseen, the Vittra pieces bear my intention and aim to grow to be part of your being.

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